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Examples for you to see.

Are you are looking for an extra special floor? One which can handle your family’s demanding routines?

Or would you like trendy new statement floor for your next renovation project?

Maybe you have a business and are ready for a fresh new look?

No matter what you are searching for, here are some examples of floating floors we have installed. We hope these help you to choose the floor to fit your dream.


All flooring installed by PSL Flooring


What Our Customers Share

You are spoilt for choice with a vast range of flooring designs to choose from, hence see, touch and feel the quality of our Laminate or Engineered Floors. Get inspired by the latest ideas and trends. So, look us up on Facebook to see how we interact with our clients. We love our clients sharing examples of our work and the wonderful home transformations. When it comes to your home it’s all about you, your style and your desires.¬† We are there to help you through the journey.