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Floating Timber Floors

Right from the first phone call to the last piece of flooring laid, Paul showed true professionalism and followed through with everything that was discussed. We are very happy with the finish of our floor and it has completely transformed our house. We would happily recommend Paul to anyone Glen and Sarah

Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

Dreams made true!

To begin with, transforming your home has never been easier than installing our engineered timber floating floors Gold Coast system.

The design is in the detail

Our floors boast the perfect balance between nature’s real wood and craftsmanship of structures, therefore, providing the authentic look.


Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

Quality Flooring Installation

Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

The Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast top layer is an authentic strip of solid timber with a cross-laminated plywood core and base.  The cross-ply construction limits movement of any one layer which ensures the surface stability

Superior Stain and Scratch Resistance

No fear we strive for quality so you can enjoy your beautiful, natural floor for many years to come.  Our factory-applied lacquered finish means your wood floors are wear, stain and scratch resistance.

Nice and Quiet

Our Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast are installed on a foam underlay.  This specifically acts as an insulation, furthermore, leaving the floors nice and quiet to walk upon.


If your home is in a multi-story apartment, our top-grade acoustic underlay will pass any Body Corporate standards.  Say goodbye to creaky floors and enjoy the benefits of a peaceful quiet floor.


There is little or no base preparation involved before we install your Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast. We ask you for a level, clean and dry surface.

  • You may need to uplift your old carpets and smooth off the edges, but we could do this for you.
  • You may have had a mix of carpets and tiles so your floor is at two different levels. Easily resolved! We lay the plywood on the lower areas, bring it to level to your tile, and float right over the top.
  • The self-leveling compound may be your solution.

Any other queries give Paul a call!  0425 346 644

Read on for more information, or take a look at some examples.

More about Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

Our carefully engineered planks are manufactured with a clip together format, requiring no glue at all.

Even though floating floors are not attached to the underlying surface, they are just as stable and resilient as your base level flooring. Our floors work so well because of several influencing factors:

Sheer Mass: While the individual planks are very lightweight, when they are joined together they can add up to a significant amount of weight – sometimes a few hundred kilograms. This allows them to weigh down and stay in place even though they are not attached to anything underneath.
Friction: Our high-quality foam underlay is installed below all our floating floors, and the friction between the underlay and the planks prevents them from making any sideways movement.
Joints: The clipping the planks together guarantees a close fit with no room to move. Our special cross-ply construction also adds to its stability, ensuring the planks always remain firmly in place.

PSL Flooring

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Most importantly, we care about you and your homes.

Because we care, we only supply the best products.

Our floating floors are beautiful, simple solutions too.

Besides this, our team works together to help you find your dream.

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.Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

The floors are beautiful – the Arc bamboo brushed lime white blends perfectly with the adjacent beige tile. The team are great craftsmen and took such pride in providing the highest quality finish and at the lowest quoted price Gordon and Colette

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