Floating Timber Floors

Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

A Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast is the most convenient and hassle free method to transform your existing floor instantly, into a beautiful warm and comfortable timber floor.

The Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast System allows you to get that beautiful Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast you’ve always wanted, no matter what your current flooring is, at a price you will love.

Let PSL Flooring add value to your home with this affordable, painless and simple makeover.

Right from the first phone call to the last piece of flooring laid, Paul showed true professionalism and followed through with everything that was discussed. We are very happy with the finish of our floor and it has completely transformed our house. We would happily recommend Paul to anyone

Glen and Sarah

Quality Flooring Installation

More about Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

As long as the existing surface is level, clean and dry PSL Flooring’s professionally trained and experienced craftsmen will skillfully install floating timber floors over most surfaces, including Timber, Tiles, Particle Board and Concrete, to give your home a stunning and refreshing update.

Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast are installed on a foam underlay, providing great noise insulation and making them ideal for use in multi-storey apartment buildings and homes. Say goodbye to noisy neighbours and enjoy the benefits of a peaceful quiet floor.Our carefully engineered planks are manufactured with a clip together format, requiring no glue at all.

An Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast made up of a veneered solid timber top layer with a cross laminated plywood core and base. The cross ply construction limits movement of any one layer and ensures the surface’s stability.

The 6 coats of UV lacquer that coats the Top Layer provides maximum durability and longevity.

Beautifully Engineered Timber Floating Floors Gold Coast

With our beautifully engineered floating floors you will have all the durability and strength of traditional solid wood flooring at a fraction of the price, save money on installation costs also as floating floors are much easier and less time-consuming to install than traditional wood surfaces.

Even though floating floors are not attached to the underlying surface, they are just as stable and resilient as your base level flooring. They work so well because of several influencing factors:

Sheer Mass: While the individual planks are very lightweight, when they are joined together they can add up to a significant amount of weight – sometimes a few hundred kilograms. This allows them to weigh down and stay in place even though they are not attached to anything underneath.
Friction: Our high quality foam underlay is installed below all our floating floors, and the friction between the underlay and the planks prevents them from making any sideways movement.
Joints: The clipping the planks together guarantees a close fit with no room to move. Our special cross ply construction also adds to its stability, ensuring the planks always remain firmly in place.

Easy Care

Our floating timber floors are conveniently pre-finished and once installed, will provide you with a stunning new timber floor that can be used immediately. There is no glue clean-up and no waiting time after installation – you can arrange all your furniture and walk on your brand new surface straight away.

Floating floors are easy to clean and require minimum maintenance; just a regular sweep with an electrostatic mop, soft broom or vacuum to remove dirt and dust, and when necessary. It is just a quick mop using QPCF Floor Cleaner with warm water and a well-wrung cotton mop. This will ensure they always look like new.

The floors are beautiful – the Arc bamboo brushed lime white blends perfectly with the adjacent beige tile. The team are great craftsmen and took such pride in providing the highest quality finish and at the lowest quoted price

Gordon and Colette

Mermaid Beach

Easy Choices

Floating floors come in a large range of styles, each giving you a stunning finish.

PSL Flooring Floating Floors will introduce the natural beauty and warmth of timber into your home, free of the fuss and complexity of other floor coverings.

They are engineered to be flexible, adjusting to different weather conditions, by stretching and flexing with any movement or expansion that humidity may bring.

Normally humidity creates gaps in timber flooring but with PSL Floating Floors the planks simply spread to fill the gaps and then return to their normal size when the humidity reduces making them ideal for Tropical climates or homes close to the sea.

People with leg and back problems will find the cushioning properties of the Floating Floor of exceptional benefit as the hardness of Solid Timber Flooring is absent.

Well-constructed timber floors are a strong selling point in homes as they are comfortable to walk on, attractive and fit seamlessly with any home décor or furniture design. It also doesn’t get hot in summer or cold in winter but instead stays at a comfortable medium temperature, making it a perfect option for surfaces all over Australia.

Timber is a beautiful, environmentally renewable resource that is completely recyclable.

It uses less energy to produce than a lot of other flooring materials which results in less emissions into the atmosphere, making it a fantastic choice for the environmentally-conscious.

Additionally, its low allergenic properties make it the ideal choice for allergy sufferers or those with asthma or sensitive sinuses. Unlike other flooring materials like carpet, it doesn’t trap dirt or dust and it is very easy to completely remove any dust that does settle there.

PSL Flooring – your best choice

PSL Flooring supplies and install flooring products in and around the Gold Coast for many years. Our clients genuinely enjoy our innovative and exceptional products provided with undeniable professionalism.

Our floating floors are a beautiful and simple solution to give your home the upgrade you’ve always wanted. If you were concerned about the cost of replacing your existing surfaces.

Floating floors are the ideal way to get around it while also providing you with a strong and comfortable surface that will last a lifetime.