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Laminate Floor Repairs

Laminate floor repairs are part of our service, which means, we can help you.

Would you like to repair your floor, if we can match the flooring?.  We start at the nearest wall to the damage.  The boards will be carefully lifted until we to get to the one that needs changing.   We then put them all back in place leaving you with your perfect floor once more.

Scratch Repair

Do you have a deep scratch in need of repair?  Sometimes, a new board is the answer, however, on occasions we can offer you cheaper options.

For instance, did you know, we can use laminate board pens which often hide a small scratch, or coloured wax  may be needed to seal a deeper mark.  We will let you know which is the best option to fix your problem.  Such an easy repair!

Incorrect Installation Damage

Sometimes, laminate floor repairs are needed as they have been installed incorrectly.   For example, your floor must be allowed to contract and expand with the humid weather conditions of the Gold Coast.  If not, then your floor may be in trouble.   You may see your  floor buckle or boards even lift.  Act now and you might be in time to fix the problem.

Water Damage

Water Leaks from household appliances, plumbing leaks or flooding may cause damage to your laminate floor.  This can cause boards to warp, lift, or appear to be rising in the middle.   You need to take action and to seek advice, right now.  Make an appointment and we will come to your home and assess the issues.  At the same time we will offer you the best option for your repair every time. Cheapest too!

We are the experts.  We care for your floor when you need us most.  

For laminate floor repairs, call Paul now.  We can help.